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Offshore Team

An offshore development center is very crucial and helpful to the clients. Indisputably, when you set up an Offshore Development Center in India with us, you receive varied benefits like high return on investment and highest quality of output. We help start-ups and small to mid size software companies to setup their offshore development center to reduce their cost and increase ROI. By selecting us as an ODC, you can significantly reduce cost, as you do not have to incur expenses on infrastructure development, hiring employees or other cost involved in project development.

Our ODC staff has worked with multiple clients in different geographies and they understand that the success of project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.




You tell us about your requirements.



We send you the resume of the team members as per your requirements.



On your approval we keep the selected developers in your dedicated team and provide all the infrastructure and software needed to start the development.



If the team strength is more than four developers, we offer a Project Leader at minimum cost, the project leader will handle all the communications and make sure development is as per requirements. Project Leader helps the clients to lower their work load and avoid any confusions by keeping one source of communication.



The team works on monthly basis and the invoice is raised at the end of the month.



If there are any special hardware required for the development, they will be charged extra or you can courier the same to us.

What we offer:



Privacy and confidentiality of work.



Minimum 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.



24x7 Emergency Support.



A favourable development environment where your developer solves problems faster by mutual collaboration with other programmers.



Guaranteed timely communication through emails and instant messengers or Skype calls.



Daily or weekly reporting as per your requirements.



No messy coding, code is very readable, clean and maintainable with the reusability of code approach.



The final code delivered is well documented



All developers are well qualified, experienced and highly skilled to handle any kind of project.



Top notch hardware and software infrastructure, with complete backup management.



Multiple high bandwidth internet connection, making sure we are always connected.



Quality is the key and we make sure to deliver the same to our clients.