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About us


Soft Solutions is an independent professionally managed consulting and Information Management company with various horizontal business units, in the fields related to Information Technology, located in parts of North India.

The core area of operation for the company has been Software Development and providing a strong team with the capabilities to handle virtually any project on almost any development platform on either on shore or offshore basis worldwide.

Our dedication to excellence, flexibility and the maintenance of the highest level of quality work is the driving force behind all that we are and all that we do for our clients.

Being instrumental in our client's business success by helping them use technology to create a better business environment is our goal and the relationships we build are the key to our success.

Values What we stand for

Creativity & Innovation - We constantly explore unconventional ways for achieving better results.

Integrity -

We believe in conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner with clients, vendors and each other.

Empathy -

We realise that the best way to interact with others is by putting ourselves into their shoes and seeing things from their perspective.

Learning -

We feel learning is a continuous process, essential for growth as professionals and as human beings