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Case Studies

Client: Based in United States Of America
Location: East Coast
Sector: Media Network
Project type: Web Application Development, Database design, build and integration
Tech used: HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, PHP, MySQL

The Problem

Client is a significant and valued media partner. They create multi-platform media network and deliver the most A2554 and W2554 in the Top 50 US market.

Client want us to design Web Application to integrate Networks, Research, Sales, and Traffic into one system.

The Solution

Despite we knowing nothing about the media Network process, our analysts were able to work with client to understand the requirements and develop a web based solution that would provide a better foundation for future growth.

This web based application is broken down with the following sections:

  • Admin
  • Networks
  • Research
  • Sales Management
  • Proposal System
  • Traffic System
  • Reports
Client: Based in United States Of America
Location: West Coast
Sector: Quantitative re-vegetation monitoring of Water Quality Trading
Project type: Web Application Development, Mobile Application, Database design, build and integration
Tech used: HTML5/CSS, Model-View-Controller, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL

The Problem

Client is the largest restoration-focused organization in the Pacific Northwest, and the second largest conservation group. They have expertise ranging from fish biologists and hydrologists to GIS experts, business and conservation systems analysts, attorneys and ecosystem services analysts. Client wanted us to create Web and Mobile (iPad) based Monitoring tool which monitors the following processes:

  • Provide early warning that a site may not meet performance standards.
  • Provide sufficient information on site trajectory in year 5 to inform discussions and next steps in the event that standards are not met.
  • Confirm with a high level of certainty whether or not site performance standards are met.
  • Provide information in a way that can be summarized graphically to depict status and trends across the program with gaps no greater than 2 years.

The Solution

Following a number of consultancy sessions, we were able to design and develop an web based system that allowed client to keep records of every single process to monitor and compare data for future decision.

This web/mobile based application is broken down as follows:

  • Pebble Count
  • Reference Site
  • Solar Pathfinder
  • Water Quality & Quantity Revegetation Monitoring
  • Redds Survey
  • Photopoint
Client: Our Product
Location: North India
Sector: Reporting Tool
Project type: Web Development, Mobile Application, Network Communication, Desktop Development
Tech used: C#, C++, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Android, MSSQL, Kendo UI

The Problem

Now-a-days everyone wants their mobile to be connected to their office, but unfortunately the legacy software systems does not allow displaying of data on the mobile.

The Solution

Following a number of strategic analysis sessions, we went about designing a modular based system that would help users to access their important data from the legacy software systems live on the mobile, without using fixed IP address.

Reporting tool has four components:

  • Reporting Server
  • Web Application
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile Applications

Reporting Server: Designed in Visual C++, it has the ability to maintain connection with the client desktop application which transfers all the requests between Mobile and client's desktop.

Web Application: This tool is the first step. The user needs to register here and generate a PIN and a Password.

Desktop Application: This tool allows creation of reports which appears on the mobile device using reports wizard and provides communication channel between desktop and mobile.

Mobile Application: The applications communicates with the Reporting Server which in turns communicates with the client system to process the information requested by the mobile application.

One of the clients using this product needed to show the reports in tabular and graphic format to achieve this we used the Kendo UI's grid and bar graph components and the data was fetched using customized Ajax requests.

There are many awards and accolades won by this unique product. India's two accounting software giants Tally and Busy Accounting software use this platform to display the accounts and reports from their software on mobile devices.

Client: Based in United States Of America
Location: East Coast
Sector: Mobile Application / CMS
Project type: Mobile Application, Android, IOS, Web Application
Tech used: Java, Objective-c, HTML, Php, MySql

The Problem

Client wanted to develop a content management system for mobile devices, using which the content of the mobile application can be dynamically changed. The CMS and the mobile application should handle multiple customers.

The Solution

Following a number of consultancy sessions, we were able to design and develop the applications which handled the customer needs and it used the following technologies:

  1. CMS based on PHP and MySql
  2. Android Application
  3. IOS application

Each customer is provided a unique CMS ID using which a fresh application for Android and IOS are build in the native language and uploaded to the Play Store and App Store.

Every customer is given access to the CMS web application using which they can change/shedule their content or send push notifications to the devices.

Client: Based in United States Of America
Location: West Coast
Sector: Greenhouse Growers
Project type: Software Development, Web Development, Windows Mobile Development, Database design, build and integration
Tech used: VBA, VB, C#, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, MSSQL, SQLServer CE

The Problem

Client already had a simple software designed in VBA for access which needed many enhancements and upgradation from VBA to .NET to matches their processes and gain competitive advantage and increase team’s potential with an adaptable system that integrates Inventory, Production, Sales, Accounting, Logistics, POS and every other aspect of a grower’s workflow, in addition Web/Mobile Modules were to be created to handle different needs.

The Solution

Following a number of strategic analysis sessions, we were able to highlight the key areas of the business that were experiencing the most pitfalls. We started as a small team and went about enhancing the product and adding new modules with constant communication and analysis between client and our team. Over the years the system has grown big and is one of the leaders in such type of business. Some of the modules of the system are as under:

Some of its features are:

  • Invoice/Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Management
  • Mobile Availability
  • Mobile Orders
  • Mobile POS
  • Label and Barcode Printing
  • Customer Notification
  • Marketing Management & CRM
  • Broker Ball Hort Integration
  • Reporting Module
  • Export Module
  • Web Availability
  • Web Orders
  • Web Issue/ Support Tracker with complete billing.